Monday, September 7th, 2015  8am-4pm
Deadline: September 2, 2015  5pm CST, for ALL entries
Location: Des Plaines Conservation Area: Wilmington, IL West Grounds
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Fun Trial Online Payment:
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Illinois State Law REQUIRES that ALL Illinois resident handlers and scouts (including Jr. Handlers, regardless of age)
MUST possess a VALID Illinois Hunters or Sportsman License as well as VALID Habitat Stamp.

Stakes to be Run:

Diaper Derby

An unjudged (but spectator favorite!) event for puppies under 6 months old on date of trial. Running time approx. 5-10 minutes, walk handled.


For puppies 6 to 15 months old on date of trial.


For dogs 6-24 months of age. They should be independent, and show adult potential. The dog must point a bird to be placed.

Hunting Dog

This is an unbroken dog stake. It is to be judged on the dog's ability to hunt, handle, and point birds. Judgment stops when the bird is flushed. This is for dogs that have NOT placed in an AKC or Amt. Field broke dog stake. Walk Handled Only!

Gun Dog

For dogs broke to wing and shot. They should show independence, intelligence, and handle with minimal directions from the handler. Foot Handled Only!


For dogs broke to wing and shot. These dogs should hunt to the extremes, show intelligence, and handle reasonably well.

Junior Handler

For dogs 6 months and up, and handlers 18 years and under. This stake is judged on the handler's ability to run the dog. This includes how he or she handles, how well the dog responds, and in general the ability of the junior handler to conduct the elements of running a dog in the field This can be conducted off horseback or foot with no additional credit given for either type of handling. Placement points count toward Field Trial Clubs of Illinois’ junior handler award.
Senior This is an unjudged 10 year or older dog event to show off your older dog’s form. Hearing aids, tracking collars welcome, but no e-collars please. Walk Handled Only!

A Bird Field is used in every stake.
Horseback handling is permitted only in the Puppy, Derby, All-Age and Junior Handler stakes.

COST- $17.00 for the first dog & $6.00 for each additional dog
Entry fee waived for junior handler dogs entered 

Mail Entries to: Barry Steinmetz, 1216 Royal Saint George Dr., Naperville IL 60563
Or Email Entries to: (with underline between petra and barry)
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